Tunnello Review

  • 110 servers across 14 countries
  • Seamless and lag-free video streaming and web browsing
  • Simultaneously connect to 5 browsers

With Tunnello, a user can bypass censorship. Tunnello aims to keep web browsing private and safe, and helps prevent large companies and government agencies to not look into the Internet’s users.

Some of Tunnello’s features include:

  • 5 simultaneous connections. A user can simultaneously connect to 5 browsers. Thus, a user can share Tunnello with roommates, family, and friends.
  • Speed and security. Tunnello utilizes a cutting-edge technology that’s 10 times faster than the conventional VPN protocol, and with the same level of security. The protocol has been designed for browsing and streaming.
  • 14 countries available. Tunnello has 110 servers across 14 countries: United Kingdom, France, Italy, Canada, USA, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Japan, Russia, and Spain.
  • Maximum protection. Tunnello uses new technology that doesn’t affect Internet speed. A user’s connection is secure as Tunnello uses HTTP/2 + TLS to encrypt connection inside an encrypted tunnel (AES-128) over an RSA-4096 bit exchange. This results in a fast and secure VPN protocol, making it ideal for seamless and lag-free video streaming and web browsing.
  • Unlimited. Tunnello doesn’t apply restrictions for the data or content for its paid plans.
  • By-pass/unlock. Tunnello enables a user to unlock any restricted website. If you’re under a censored network or at the school or office, you may use Tunnello to bypass restriction.
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