2019 Privacy Statistics

The Ultimate List of Interesting Digital Privacy Stats

Digital Privacy safeguard the information of internet user which is created while surfing the net or using the computer as user has right to decide about visibility of personal data. In year 2019, whopping 4.39 billion people has access internet globally (Hoot Suite, 2019) and this figure is ballooning.

Online Privacy Concerns

  • 86% of internet user removes their digital footprints for minimizing their visibility online. (Pew research, 2019)
  • 82% of the American Internet users are worried about their internet privacy (VPN Geeks, 2019)
  • 80% social media user’s worries that companies will access their personal information for commercial purpose (VPN Geek, 2019)
  • 90% of the American worries companies’ access personal information for commercial purpose (VPN Geek, 2019)
  • 55% of internet uses certain method to hide themselves from particular business or persons (Pew research, 2019)
  • There is 16.7 million American who experienced identity theft in year 2017 (Javelin, 2018).
  • US $16.8 Billion are the cost of identity theft in year 2017 in America (Javelin, 2018).
  • 1 out of 10 regular internet user information have had stolen online (brandongailin, 2019)
  • 68% of internet strongly believes that existing privacy law and regulations are not sufficient to protect privacy. (brandongailin, 2019)
  • 3 out of 4 internet user do not want browser to keep history to their search due to privacy concern (brandongailin, 2019)

Online Privacy Breach Incidents

  • 12 billion records are stolen by cyber criminals in year 2018 which will reach to 33 billion by 2023 (Juniper research, 2019)
  • More than half of these stolen records in 2023 will happen in United States (juniper Research, 2019)
  • US remain the Number one target for cyber criminals in year 2018 accounts for 38% of the total cyber attacks. (Norton, 2018)
  • 24089 are the average number of breaches reported by the countries in year 2017. (Ponemon Institute, 2017)
  • Under Armour’s “My Fitness Pal” was hacked in year 2018 which resulted in data theft of more than 150 Million of its customers. (Under Armor, 2018)
  • Cyber crime is the fastest growing crime in United States (Cyber Crime Magazine, 2018).
  • Marriot reported second biggest cyber attack in year 2018 which affects 500 Million Accounts (Marriot, 2018)
  • Yahoo reported hacking of 3 billion accounts which cost around US$ 1 Billion in year 2013. (Yahoo, 2013)
  • Globally there are 1.9 billion websites operating, 30% out of which are not secure (Cyber Magazine, 2018)
  • The number of internet user will reach to 6 billion by 2022 as compare to 4.3 billion in 2019. (Cybersecurity Ventures, 2018)

Online Privacy Breach Cost & Spending

  • Cost of data breach is much higher in US. On Average data theft cost $7.91 million to American company where as it $3.61 million globally. (IBM Data Breach Study, 2018)
  • It takes more than 6 months (196 days) to identify a data breach (IBM Data Breach Study, 2018)
  • US government will spend $15 dollar to stop cyber security attacks in year 2019, growth of 4% as compared to year 2018. (Norton, 2019)
  • $2.4 Million is the average cost of Malware attack for any company. (Accenture, 2018)
  • By 2021, total cost of cyber attack will reach to $6 trillion annually (Cybersecurity Ventures, 2018)
  • Global spending to prevent the IT security is estimated to reach to $114 Billion year 2018 (Gartner, 2019)
  • In year 2017 there is growth in cost of cyber crime by 27% as compared to previous year. (Accenture, 2017)
  • Average cost of data breach is $5.7 Million in Year 2018. (Security Intelligence research, 2018)
  • 92% of the malware are spreaded by emails. (CSO Online, 2018)
  • Government, Technology and retail are the most venerable industries for cyber attacks (Tech republic 2017)

Online Privacy Breach Risk

  • Ransom ware attacks business every 14 second in year2019 which will reduce to 11 second by year 2022. (Harjavec Group, 2019)
  • 4 out of 10 companies have more than thousand file unprotected which includes health records and credit card information (Varonis, 2018)
  • More than thousand files have been unprotected sensitive folders (Varonis, 2018)
  • 7 out of 10 companies believes potential threads can be blocked merely by antivirus software (Ponemon Institute’s 2017)
  • 1 out of 13 directed websites leads to the malware (Symantec, 2018)
  • 43% of the cyber attacks are directed towards small business (Small Business Trends Report, 2019)
  • Only 4 out 10 companies are prepared for cyber security attacks/risks (IBM, 2019)
  • Mac computers are increasing venerable to the malware attacks. (Cisco, 2018)
  • 75% of Health care companies are affected by malwares due to which majority of the record are lost in health care companies (Cision, 2019)
  • Ransom wear attacks are growing at 350% annually 9Cisco, 2019)
  • FBI list for most wanted cyber criminals list 64 people in year 2019 up from 19 in year 2016 (FBI, 2019)
  • Cyber crime is highly underreported as reported cyber crimes accounts for only 10 to 12% of total cyber crimes happed (FBI, 2019)
  • Cyber crime hit Asian pacific companies in every 6 Minutes (Cisco, 2019)
  • Surprisingly hacking kits or tools for identity theft, malware are available online for as low as $1. (Fortune, 2017)
  • Employees training for cyber security awareness is the fastest growing category for cyber security industry (Gartner, 2017)
  • Cyber crime will fuel the growth of illegal crypto currency transaction which will reach to 70% of total crypto currency activities (Cybersecurity Ventures, 2019)
  • 9 out of 10 companies feels delays in sales cycle due to privacy concern (Cisco 2019)
  • 447 Million records are stolen in year 2018 alone, growth of 126% as compare to previous year. (Identity Theft Resource Center, 2019)
  • 6 out of 10 small businesses affected from the cyber attack are out of business in next 6 Months (U.S. National Cyber Security Alliance, 2019)
  • 56% of the medium size companies are reporting breach in 2018 (Cisco, 2019)
  • Lack of resources in small business make 55% of the business vulnerable to the cyber crime attacj (Better Business Buero)
  • Small & Medium Size business are at higher risk for inclined to pay ransom to cyber crimes (Cisco, 2019)
  • In year 2018, total venture capital investment in cyber security market reach to $5 billion growth of 20% as compared to the last year (Strategic Cyber Venture, 2019)
  • US & Israel remains the two pioneer in cyber security venture funding. (Strategic Cyber Venture, 2019)