The Best VPN for Mobile Phones

Protect Your Sensitive Data On The Go

The criteria in choosing a mobile VPN is similar to choosing any kind of VPN. It should be located in a nearby location, provides adequate bandwidth, and does business in a country with lenient, or no, surveillance laws. It should also not retain records of its users’ traffic and IP address logs.

Recommended VPN for Your Mobile Device


Setting up a mobile VPN

Mobile users can set up a VPN by installing an application, or manually configuring the settings of a mobile device. Using a VPN application provides convenient use, testing tools, and DNS leak protection.

However, there are instances that a device have difficulties in using the app or does not support it. In such cases, the user must configure it manually in their device’s settings.

For the VPN protocol, the best ones for mobile use are L2TP/IPsec and OpenVPN. L2TP/IPsec can provide average users a convenient way to secure their connections. Although it can still be decrypted, those with the capability would probably have due cause since these are usually intelligence and investigation agencies.

The only drawback with L2TP/IPsec is mobile networks can easily block it. Some networks might do so due to policies that forbids the use of VPN services.

This is what OpenVPN can solve. Although it can be complicated to set up, it provides the most secure and flexible service out of all VPN protocols. It is constantly updated so it can keep up with the changing technologies in cybersecurity and hacking.

Who can benefit from a mobile VPN?

Anyone who has a mobile device must use a VPN. Mobile devices like the smartphone are at the center of a modern individual’s life. Aside from texting and calling, people use it to take photos and videos, to access e-mails and bank accounts, to transfer money, and to access social media accounts. There’s too much risk if it is left open for anyone to access. A person with malicious intent can access someone’s smartphone to ruin their careers, reputation, and personal lives. With a VPN, a user can make sure sensitive and confidential information stay private on the internet.