VPN for Gaming

Play More Games and Access Geo-Locked Servers with VPN

The rise of online gaming came with restrictions, security threats, and increased connection demands. These complications can be solved by using a VPN. Here are the specifics why every online gamer should use one.


Buy and play restricted games

Game developers and publishers are subject to the content restriction laws of different countries. This requires them to restrict distribution from countries that forbid their games. In some cases, they may release a censored version for restrictions not to apply on a game.

Gamers can bypass these restrictions by buying the game overseas. But, if the only means of purchase is through online like Steam, gamers cannot purchase it since their IP address is restricted from doing so. A VPN can bypass the restrictions on online purchases. Furthermore, if these games have an online component, gamers can use the VPN to access the game’s servers and play.

Access servers for other countries

Game and console network servers are divided by country. This helps make server loads more manageable since a server will only cater to a single country or region. A VPN will let gamers access different countries. This will let them play with their friends regardless of wherever they are in the world.

Bypass IP bans

Some game and servers ban users through their IP address. These bans can be due to a server admin’s subjective reasons or a user’s actions. Whatever the case may be, a VPN will hide the gamer’s address and let them in the server.

There may be cases that admins banned the user’s username. In this case, they would just have to make a new username. This is a small trade-off from completely losing access to a server.

Avoid ISP’s from throttling internet speed

Online gaming has a high demand for bandwidth. ISPs know this and take preemptive action by throttling down speed when subscribers connect to known gaming IP addresses. A VPN will hide the IP address from an ISP and prevent them from throttling the connection.

Safe competitive gaming

There can be a lot depending on the result while gaming competitively. This can tempt some gamers to use dirty tactics just to gain an advantage. One of such tactics is targeting IP addresses of their opponents with denial-of-service attacks. A VPN service can prevent this since it hides a gamer’s IP address.

Benefits on security

Online gaming opens a device to potential security risks. Risks are even greater when gaming takes a long period of time. A virtual private network masks the user’s IP address and encrypts data to prevent hackers from snooping for information.

Which VPN to choose?

Online gamers do not have to choose the best VPN according to the various reviews online. The ideal VPN for one gamer could not be the best one for another. Here are the important features one must look for when choosing a VPN for gaming support.

Unlimited bandwidth

Games demand high bandwidth from its internet connection. It would not matter if the user’s ISP provides this level of service if the VPN provider’s ISP would not. This results to a slower connection that wastes the investment on the user’s ISP.

Tier 1 network

A Tier 1 network is an internet service provider that does not rely on other companies for its connection. The network it uses is completely its own. This makes the Tier 1 ISP fully capable of maximizing its infrastructure and systems. If a VPN provider uses a Tier 1 network ISP, it has the fastest connection available for its incoming and outgoing connections.

Gamers need this feature from their VPNs if they want a reliable connection. Lower tiered networks have a lower priority in bandwidth allocation since they are just piggybacking on another company’s network. Gamers using VPNs with lower tier connections can experience frequent disconnections and lag during gameplay.

A wide variety of server locations

A server in unrestricted countries can help gamers bypass the blocks and censorship on selected game titles. This will let them enjoy the game to the fullest without the explicit content toned down.

A variety of server locations would also let them access multiplayer networks of different countries. They can freely choose how they play their game and who they play it with.

Dedicated servers for gaming

Online gaming has its unique security threats. A dedicated gaming server shores up its security against these specific threats.

Port forwarding

This feature is only for those who intend to host games online. Port forwarding will protect the user’s internet router and prevent attacks from online.

Static IP address

This is another feature required for those hosting online games. A static IP address will make a game server more stable. Gamer server users would not experience intermittent disconnections caused by changing IP addresses.